Our Story


DFM started the day I took my stock GMC Sonoma front bumper off and cut the rear bedsides to give it the "prerunner look". See photo above.  After high school ended, my friends and I started to off-road more with the free time we had. We found local spots to off-road and I would take photos and videos. When I came home every weekend, I didn't have a place to put all the content I was getting. A close friend, Chris, and I came up with an idea to make a Instagram page, but we needed a name... 

We threw around some names and ended up with Down For Mobbing. After that, the rest was history! I started having local off-road meetups and going to Nevada and Mojave desert to film races. During this time, I was building my '93 Ford Ranger and I would use that to get around the desert to film the good spots during races.

As time has passed, I've built a brand people can stand behind and have something in common with. Down For Mobbing is a lifestyle. Spending long nights wrenching on the truck, spending almost my whole paycheck on parts, staying up late editing banger clips to upload on Instagram and Youtube, pissing off my girlfriend because I just need 10 more minutes to finish wiring something on the truck. Down For Mobbing isn't a vibe, it's a desert lifestyle!